Swap Changes Notification

25 May 2019

  • Email notifications for swap changes
  • You can now open TradingView charts in a popup window


12 May 2019

  • Profile now show the payment information
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Live Improvements

05 May 2019

  • Live
    • You can now sort strategies and markets by:
      • name
      • open P/L
      • lots
      • open trades
    • The exposure now shows the list of trades when selecting a market

Live Improvements

28 April 2019

  • Live
    • New page Trades. List of all trades with filters for Strategies and Markets
    • New Modal trades list for Strategy and Market. 
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

New Stats page, new toolbar, tabs and lots UI changes

20 April 2019

  • Removed switch account menu, now everything is managed with a toolbar or a tab bar
  • New charts library
  • Statistics
    • Completly redesigned with new charts such as:
      • Daily Profit
      • Absolute Gain
      • Trade Duration
      • Strategy Profit
      • Market Profit
    • New statistics such as:
      • Recovery Factor
      • Expectancy
      • Highest P/L
      • Winning Streak
  • Added new widgets for Dashboard and Live page
    • Today's Commissions
    • Week's Commissions
    • Month's Commissions
    • Today's Swap
    • Week's Swap
    • Month's Swap
    • Month's Net P/L
  • Dashboard
    • Added Monthly Profit to the Dashboard Header
    • Removed Dashboard Footer
    • Improved Layout
  • Live
    • Easily switch between accounts and visualization by using the new tab layout without reloading the page
    • Exposure and Pending Ordes are now reactive, they will show the new data without reloading the page
  • Profits
    • Merged with the old Report page
  • Report
    • Now the reports are accessible directly from the side menu
  •  Monitor
    • New charts style for min and max value
  • Alert
    • Easily activate, reactivate and delete an alert without reloading the page
    • New Alert Leverage Used
  • Strategy
    • New design
  • Partially reorganized the side menu
  • Bug fixes and enhancements


27 January 2019

  • Improvements to Live Page
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Live Page

20 January 2019

  • Live page
    • You can see the trade of each Strategy grouped by sell/buy or combined
  • Trade Projection
    • You can now see more information for Stop Loss or Take Profit like pips distance
  • Improved add Account setup instruction
  • Fixed a problem when trying to add Preset without start and end dates
  • Bug fixes and enhancements


13 January 2019

  • New Alerts page
    • New design, you can now see all alerts in a single page
    • Alerts are now sorted by type and name
  • New Account Menu
    • The new Account Menu is now reactive, values will change when new data is available without reloading the page
  • Improved Add Account
  • You can now download Expert Advisor preset directly from the Backtest page.
  • Removed Dashboard setting
    • Now every synced account are shown on the Dashboard
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Enhancements And Bug Fixes

15 December 2018

  • Added link to strategy (Dashboard)
  • Fixed weekly report delivered twice a week
  • Fixed a problem that occurs something when filtering data
  • Fixed and improved Swap history

Closed Trades

19 November 2018

  • Moved the closed trades page in the main menu and added the date filter
  • Changed the filter behaviour, we removed the "Default Quick Filter" setting, each page remembers the last filter set

Schedule Report Improvement

17 November 2018

  • Improved Scheduled Report
    • Added Balance, Equity, Free Margin and Margin Level fore each account on the report

Scheduled Reports

03 November 2018

  • Added Scheduled Reports
    • You can now configure daily, weekly and monthly reports
    • You can configure a custom report and choose the delivery time
  • Improved Report module
    • Added the filter and cleaned up the layout
  • Fixed some issues

New Widget

26 October 2018

  • Added Leverage Used Widget
  • Added TradingView to the Dashboard
  • Fixed layout issues

Realtime Notifications

22 October 2018

  • We improved the notification system, now the notifications are synced between the web and the mobile apps

New Widgets

17 October 2018

  • Dashboard
    • Fixed a bug that hides completely the closed trades
    • Added 4 new widgets
      • Estimated Daily Swap
      • Open Trades
      • Active Strategies
      • Active Markets
  • Add the ability to test notification (Profile -> Settings)

Web Push

13 October 2018

  • You can now receive web push when an alert is triggered
  • Added the ability to choose in which way the notification is sent to you
    • Mail
    • Push Notificaiton (iOS and Android)
    • Web Push (web browsers)

Market sessions

23 September 2018

  • Added market session, you can now see when a market opens, is open or closes
  • Restored the ability to select an archived account
    • Archived accounts are not listed in the top right dropdown menu, you have to go to account list in order to to that
  • Under the hood improvements

Archive account

17 September 2018

  • Added the ability to archive an account that is no longer in use
  • Now you can have unlimited accounts but only a limited number of active ones based on your plan

Dashboard Header

01 September 2018

  • Dashboard
    • Added a Dashboard header for each group (live and demo) with the totals of the accounts [requested by users]
  • The accounts are now grouped by live, demo and not synced
  • Improvements
  • Bug fixes

Account Overview

26 August 2018

  • Improved account overview by moving strategies without trades at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed equity chart tooltip

Monitor for Strategy

19 August 2018

  • Monitor
    • You can now see the Monitor for each of your Strategy
  • Widget
    • Added Open Lots Widget
  • Instructions
    • Simplified Step by Step instructions
  • Layout
    • Navigation and Header are now fixed [requested by user]
  • Bug fixes

Strategy Alert

05 August 2018

  • Alert
    • You can now add Strategy Alerts
  • Bug fixes

Bug fixes

29 July 2018

  • Small fixes for the new layout

New Layout

21 July 2018

  • New Layout
    • Upgrade the front-end framework to the latest version
    • Re-designed some parts
    • Re-organized some pages
  • Backtest
    • You can now download previously uploaded backtest files in zip format including the generated Preset
  • Market Watchlist
    • You can now chose to see only the markets you are interested in
  • Lots of bugs have been addressed

Live Page Auto Reload

07 July 2018

  • Live Page
    • trades will automatically refresh without reloading the whole page
    • more information for daily swap
    • added estimated P/L for Stop Loss and Profit Target
  • Bug fixes

Download all Presets & Improvements

01 July 2018

  • Preset
    • Download all preset in a zip file
  • Backtest
    • Added Trade list with pip and trade duration
    • Improved layout
  • Market
    • Excel Export of all Markets with daily swap and other useful information
  • Account List
    • Added MT4 Server time
  • Bug fixes

Backtest Excel & Improvements

30 June 2018

  • Backtest
    • Excel Export for Backtest
  • Improved layout on small screen
  • Bug fixes

Pending Orders

24 June 2018

  • Pending Orders
    • You can now see pending orders in the live page
  • Open P/L refresh
    • The Open P/L badge will automatically refresh every time new data is available
    • Open P/L and Account alias are now displayed in the page title
  • Excel Export
    • Added Stop Loss and Take Profit to the Excel Export [requested by users]
  • Improved page loading speed
  • Bug fixes

Personal Dashboard

17 June 2018

  • Personalise your Dashboard with these widgets
    • Balance
    • Equity
    • Floating P/L
    • Unrealized Profit
    • Free Margin
    • Margin
    • Margin Consumption
    • Margin Level
    • Monthly Lots
    • Open Pips
    • Today's Net P/L
    • Week's Net P/L
  • Bug fixes

Market Swap

10 June 2018

  • Market Swap
    • You can now see changes in swap rates inside the Market page
  • Bug fixes


03 June 2018

  • Backtest
    • You can store and view your mt4 backtests
    • Download .set files from your mt4 backtests
    • Analyze your mt4 backtests
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed alerts reactivation, activation and delete on small screen and mobile device

Preset Improvements

27 May 2018

  • Preset
    • You can now create Groups and organize your Presets
    • Improvements to Preset visualization
  • Bug fixes

New Alerts

20 May 2018

  • Monitor & Alert
    • Added new monitor charts and alerts
      • Open Pips  [requested by users]
      • Open Points
      • Open P/L Percentage
      • Total Pending Orders
      • Margin Consumption  [requested by users]
  • Account Overview
    • Added average profit per day  [requested by users]
  • Bug fixes

Monitor Filter & Improvements

13 May 2018

  • Monitor
    • Date filter is now available [requested by users]
  • Live Page
    • Improved view when there are no strategies but there are open trades
  • Account Overview
    • More statistics for trade duration
    • Daily and Hourly charts with winning percentage
    • Improved layout
    • Number of lots for each strategy
  • Charts
    • We improved all the labels inside charts
  • Bug fixes

Market Alerts

05 May 2018

  • Market Alerts
    • You can now set Alert for price action. For example, you can set up an alert for when the EURUSD goes above 1.2000 or below 1.1900
    • When the alert is triggered you will receive an email
    • Similar to the Account Alerts you can set frequency for auto reactivation
  • Bug fixes

Trade Projection

29 April 2018

  • Trade Projection
    • Display estimated P/L for Stop Loss and Profit Target
  • Bug fixes and Improvements

Metatrader Crash Alert

21 April 2018

  • Metatrader Crash Alert
    • Be aware of any crash, restart or problem with Metatrader thanks to the new alert system
    • Enable/Disable crash alert for each of your mt4 accounts
  • Bug fixes

Dashboard Sorting & Live Improvements

14 April 2018

  • Dashboard
    • You can now sort accounts in the Dashboard
  • Live
    • Expandable/collapsable trade list
    • Setting to select the default state (Go to your Profile > Settings, to change this option)
  • Small refinements and bug fixes

Dashboard More Improvements

07 April 2018

  • Dashboard
    • Added the ability to hide accounts from the Dashboard
  • Bug Fixes


31 March 2018

  • Dashboard
    • Auto refresh: the account will automatically refresh without reloading the whole page
    • Open trades: see open trades inside the Dashboard for each account
    • Settings: you can now decide what to see inside the Dashboard, go to your Profile and customise your Dashboard
  • Live Page
    • Trades are now sorted always by Symbol [requested by users]
  • Small refinements and bug fixes

Improvements and bug fixes

25 March 2018

  • You can now select the default live page you want to see
  • Improved dashboard layout
  • Fixed Trade Projection with 3 digits markets

Improvements and bug fixes

11 March 2018

  • Improvement to Export to Excel
  • Alerts are now more accessible in the left menu
  • Small refinements

Profit Target and Stop Loss

24 February 2018

  • Added Profit Target and Stop Loss

Improvements and bug fixes

20 January 2018

  • Market status improvements
  • Bug fixes


13 January 2018

  • Improved instructions page
  • TradingView integration fix
    • On the trade list the symbol name was wrong in some cases
  • Other small fixes

Live Page Auto Refresh

06 January 2018

  • Auto refresh for Live Page
    • Update the EA to unlock this feature
  • Bug fixes

Happy New Year

30 December 2017

  • TradingView integration
    • Check charts from the live page, just click on the symbol name
  • Trade Projection
    • It is now possible to project P/L of an open trade by changing the price
  • Notification
    • We can now send you notification to let you know when we release new feature
  • Preset Share
    • Share your preset with your friends
  • Layout improvements for Account Overview
  • Fixed dashboard layout on small devices
  • Fixed a problem with calculation of daily swap


17 December 2017

  • Add daily swap to the live view
  • Add acccount info view that shows:
    • Server name
    • Leverage
    • Time Zone

Preset improvement

03 December 2017

  • Add start date and end date for preset
  • Add Malta timezone

Market Status

26 November 2017

  • Market status, Open or Close.

Report Improvements

12 November 2017

  • Report divided by market, you can now see more detailed information about your strategies
  • Bug fixes


21 October 2017

  • Preset
    • Store your metatrader presets
    • View your robots and indicator preset with our new interface
  • Trade list
    • See all your trades
    • Date range filters
  • Fixed date range for Excel export
  • Bug fixes

Small Improvements

15 October 2017

  • Added monthly information to the Dashboard [requested by users]
    • Commissions
    • Swap
    • Net P/L
    • Lots
  • Fix pips format

Small Improvements

24 September 2017

  • Increased the size of the account menu [requested by users]
  • Fixed chart color issues inside the Exposure and Live page
  • Bug fixes.

Subscription & Pips

16 September 2017

  • You can now change subscription from your profile view
  • Added pips value inside all trade tables
  • Bug fixes

You ask and we deliver

10 September 2017

  • New Exposure page [requested by users]:
    • Exposure by currency.
    • Exposure by direction.
  • New Public Profile page [requested by users]:
    • Share your accounts with friends.
  • New Dashboard page [requested by users]:
    • Do you need to manage multi accounts? This page is for you.
  • Added positive and negative pips from Break Even point for combined position.
  • Added a new column for Excel export, trade duration in seconds, this will allow to sort trades in Excel. [requested by users]
  • When you navigate inside subpage in the Account Overview the filter will not be reset anymore.
  • Layout improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Closed Trades

03 September 2017

  • Added a dedicated view for the closed trades of today (Live Page)
  • Added links to Strategy Overview (Live Page and Report)
  • Added open lots on the Equity chart
  • Small refinements

Equity and Charts

27 August 2017

  • Added Equity Chart inside Account Overview, you can check also the DD on each day
  • Chart improvements
    • Tooltips with more information 
    • Dots to show where data is available
  • Performance improvements for calculation and charts
  • Fixed a small issue with absolute gain calculation

Last Update and Fixes

18 August 2017

  • Added live timer update [requested by users]
  • Fixes

Break Even

13 August 2017

  • Added Break Even for Live Page
    • Break Even point for combined entries
    • Distance in pips from the Break Even point
  • Fixed price format
  • Improved mobile layout
  • Improved payment page
  • Bug fixes

Live page

05 August 2017

  • New layout for Live page:
    • List of all open trades are now divided by strategy
    • Combined position for sell and buy
    • Exposure direction
  • Fixed a problem with tables on small devices
  • Hide swap information in the market view for Oanda account
  • Layout improvements
  • Bug fixes

Live by Market and Improvements

29 July 2017

  • New layout for page Live by Market:
    • List of all open trades are now divided by market
    • Combined position for sell and buy
    • Exposure direction
  • Report page now shows also yearly periods
  • Added trade duration to Account and Strategy Overview
  • Improved data consistency across all views
  • Email layout improvements
  • Fixed numeric values format while exporting to Excel
  • Bug fixes

Report and Share Improvements

23 July 2017

  • Added swap and commissions to Report
  • Improved Report layout
  • You can now share more information with your friends

Share, Alias and Refinements

22 July 2017

  • Added the ability to share charts
    • You can also track the total number of times the image is accessed from anyone inside the Share page
  • Added the ability to add an alias to each account in order to identify them [requested by users]
  • Improved the main navigation
    • Reorganized the pages in sub sections
    • Added the transaction and the export page to the main navigation for easy access
  • Fixed the colour and the percentage format in the live page
  • Fixed a bug in the Monitor, the logs where not displayed in some cases
  • Bug fixes


16 July 2017

  • Added Report, see your trading results at a glance for:
    • today
    • yesterday
    • this week
    • last week
    • this month
    • last month
  • Improved the navigation menu in order to have more room for your content
  • Redesigned the payment view
  • Fixed an issue with the Free Margin chart (Monitor)
  • Bug fixes

Date range filter

17 June 2017

  • Fixed an issue when filtering the data using the date range


03 June 2017

  • Added the ability to select the date range when exporting the account to Excel
  • Added the ability to export the open trades to Excel
  • Fixed Profit Factor and Payout Factor calculation
  • Fixed some bugs

Monitor & Alert System

22 May 2017

  • Added Monitor
  • Added Alert System, you can now receive 8 different notifications:
    • Account Equity
    • Account Balance
    • Account Margin
    • Account Margin Level
    • Account Free Margin
    • Open P/L
    • Total Open Orders
    • Numbers of Lots


28 April 2017

  • Added icon for browsers, tablets and smartphones


22 April 2017

  • Added Excel export functionality, go to Accounts and click on the Export button


14 April 2017

  • Added transaction view, you can access this page from your account list


12 April 2017

  • Added FAQ

Magic number

11 April 2017

  • Added the magic number inside the comment column in the trade list


05 April 2017

  • Added market view, you can now see the main information about each market, such as pip value or swap

More filters

27 March 2017

  • Added the ability to filter by month and by custom date

Bug fixes and small changes

24 February 2017

  • Added floating P/L in the navigation bar
  • Add unassigned magic numbers count in the navigation bar
  • Improved charts
  • Add balance column (account list)
  • Bug fixes

Colors, layout and fixes

17 February 2017

  • Changed the colors of the charts
  • Improvements for small screens
  • Bug fixes

Filters, statistics and more

11 February 2017

  • Added filters in the account overview, strategy overview and strategy by markets
  • Added profit chart to strategy overview
  • Added the send feedback form, you can now send us your thoughts
  • Added the send bug form, you can now inform us if you find something wrong
  • Added balance and lots to statistics
  • Added closed trades to live view
  • Fix tables view for small screens
  • Bug fixes


08 February 2017

  • We fixed lots of bug and added some missing information

Beta testing

02 February 2017

  • First release. We invited some beta testers to join the platform