Continuous Delivery

We want to improve the platform with a continuous delivery approach. We planned many new features that will be added to the platform. Do you want to know what we are working on? Follow us on Twitter. If you have a suggestion or a feature request don’t hesitate to contact us.

No Advertisements

We want to offer the best service without any distraction. No ads or other annoying content are displayed, just the content you need to see. We designed Trading Stratagem to display all the useful information to the user and we take advantage of all the space available in the page.

Responsive Layout

The UI is clean and well designed. In particular, the web application is responsive and will adapt to any screen size. Consequently, you can use this platform with Smartphones or Tables without any problems or limitations.

live page


Thanks to Trading Stratagem Live page you can track current open trades and exposure to markets and strategies. With this feature you have a global view of your account exposure to a specific strategy or instrument. In addition, Trading Stratagem will calculate the average entry price when you have multiples entries on the same market. Thanks to the closed today page you are also able to see today’s profitable trades and strategies.

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The Report allows to examine the performance of different strategies divided by periods. In this page you will be able to see how each strategy is performing and the overall performance of your account. In addition, it is possible to see a day by day performance of each strategy.

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It is important to react as soon as possible, with Trading Stratagem thanks to the monitor and alert system you can.
You can setup up different conditions on specific fields like Account Equity or Open Trades. When your condition is triggered you will receive a notification. It is possible to setup custom rearm options to receive more notifications.

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Thanks to Trading Stratagem detailed analysis you can get more information about your Backtested Strategies. Therefore, you can easily find weak points and improve them. For example, it is possible to analyse every single trade, the duration, the pips gained, etc. Trading Stratagem allows you to see the most important information in one place.

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mt4 backtest
mt4 preset


Organize your Expert Advisor and Indicator Preset files into groups. You can add important information like associate strategy and version number. Thanks to Trading Stratagem you can check your Presets online and quickly see what is inside each of your Preset files. Preset files are parsed and the settings are organized to make it easy to read.

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This are just some of the features and benefits you’ll experience through Trading Stratagem. You can explore this features by using the demo account or by opening a free trial account. Go to our features page to find out all the features available.