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Below you can find some of the robots we helped develop.

NNS Ultimate

NNS Ultimate 4.0 is a forex Expert Advisor (Robot).

It is the latest version of the NNS series of robots.It can be traded by any trader (FIFO restricted or non-FIFO)

Price Flip

Price Flip is a price-action expert adviser.

It identifies critical reversal points in any time frame (preferably M5 and above).

The strategy of the EA is based on a sound technical price reversals concept that is based on consecutive upward or downward bars, providing strong signs of possible fatigue/exhaustion in the instrument traded.


Recoverex is a Metatrader4 Expert Advisor (Robot) that provides a correct framework for your trading activity for non US based, non-FIFO Brokers because it requires hedging.

It provides a very smart position management strategy that will manage your trades automatically and recover your trading losses. By properly using this robot, your trading losses will be almost gone overnight, and your draw down will be minimised, almost always.

Once Recoverex is attached to the chart and properly configured, the robot initiates a first trade based on a given strategy and then manages this trade by using hedging recovery in both directions to close in profit.