Continue to innovate

Here are just some of the features and benefits you’ll experience through Trading Stratagem. You can explore this features by using the demo account or by opening a free trial account.


Thanks to the Live page you can track current open trades and exposure to markets and strategies


You have multiples entries in a single market and you want to know the average price for your entries?


Check all your account transactions with our dedicated page

Trading History

Sync all your trading accounts. Even if you change your broker you will be able to keep your history


Analyse your Backtest results with Trading Stratagem

Responsive Layout

You can use this platform with Smartphones or Tables

Continuous Delivery

The platform is constantly updated with new features and improvements

Excel Export

Export your forex accounts, your history and your open trades to Excel in just one click


More than one account? With the Dashboard page you can quickly see what is happening on each account.

Market Exposure

You can check your market exposure and avoid correlations


Organize your strategies to track performance of each Expert Advisor in different markets and time frames


Store, organize and view your Expert Advisor and Indicator Presets.

No Ads

No ads or other annoying content are displayed

Swiss Server

All your data is stored in servers built for performance in a Swiss web farm


See the swap rate or the margin requirements for a particular market or index


The Reports page allows to examine the performance of different strategies divided by periods


Set Alerts on Accounts, Strategies and Markets


Charts with min and max values for all the important metrics of your accounts and strategies.


Share you performance with friends and see the number of views

Public Profile

You can share your accounts with everybody and see access statistics

Easy Setup

Easy to use and configure, just add the Expert Advisor to your chart